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Gingi Med
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Gingi Med

Price per (case): $184.56

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10 oz Bottle - 24 Bottles per case - $7.69 per bottle.
Bottles sold in cases only not separately.

Comparable to PerioMed or Gel-Kam.
Perio Treatment + Oral Care Rinse

Gingi Med Oral Care Rinse is a concentrated Stannous Fluoride that needs to be mixed with water as per the instructions on the box to achieve the 0.63% solution strength. We recommend that it be mixed with distilled water to reduce the possibility of staining the teeth. When mixed with water, the two ingredients, stannous and fluoride are separated and can act in two ways. The stannous acts as an anti-microbial agent and kills the "bad" bacteria in the mouth. The fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth.

It is for people who have gum problems, overall oral soft tissue problems and/or lots of dental decay and very poor oral hygiene.

Active Ingredients:
0.63% Stannous Flouride Rinse

Product Sku:
[GOCI] Carribean Ice Flavor
[GOCM] Cinnamon Flavor
[GOMT] Mint Flavor

GingiMed Carribean Ice Flavor $184.56

GingiMed Cinnamon Flavor $184.56

GingiMed Mint Flavor $184.56